Woven Wrap

Woven Wings Blue Sapphire Geo


Brand / weave:
Woven Wings  / Geo
54% ethical merino, 46% Egyptian cotton
494cm long,  63cm wide, 205 gsm
Key words:
Thin, soft, mouldable, smooth



I was recently lucky to host a travelling Woven Wings Geo tester wrap. Nicknamed Blue Sapphire, the reason for this moniker was immediately apparent when I opened the package and first saw the wrap. WW produce a glorious range of designs and colours. Some are wonderfully subtle (Labyrinth tester, anyone?) and some are fantastically bold. Blue Sapphire’s striking looks set it down firmly in the latter category. The blue is remarkably saturated and vibrant – it’s actually hard to capture on camera just how saturated it is. It has nice variation depending on the lighting, shifting from a darker blue with rich depth in darker/indoor situations, to a super-vibrant (almost electric!) hue when outdoors. The black forms a good, strong counterpoint to the blue. Overall this colourway is really striking and feels modern, almost edgy. I had a number of people admire it during its stay with me.
DSC_1650  DSC_1654

The next thing I noticed about the wrap was its weight. So, let’s talk about GSM, baby. There’s no getting away from it: at 205gsm, this is a thin wrap. This is a weight I’m accustomed to seeing from Didy, not Woven Wings – which are almost universally mid-to-heavyweight. For me, it was a pleasant surprise. I love a thin wrap, and this was really enjoyable with my new 6 week old. The weight makes Blue Sapphire really mouldable, and I enjoyed that the passes didn’t bunch up to feel thick and overwhelming with my tiny baby.

___DSC_1567                 DSC_1579

Thin wraps aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, particularly when it comes to toddlers, but I love the snug precision you can achieve with them. Whilst I feel that Blue Sapphire’s slimline nature could pose some support problems for older toddlers, I have no problem recommending it in multilayer carries for bigger babies and younger toddlers (I’d probably only use single layer carries with a younger baby). The high merino content adds such lovely support and just a little bit of cush on the shoulders, meaning that my 2.5 year old was perfectly comfy in a Double Hammock. Obviously, if you are wrapping a bigger baby or a toddler, this is the kind of wrap you will need to tighten carefully (it isn’t going to be forgiving of sloppy wrap jobs!). But the joy of it being a thin wrap is that it’s so easy to achieve that precision.


With such a high merino content, I was curious to discover just how many traditionally ‘woolie’ wrapping qualities Blue Sapphire would have. First up: itch and scratch. I’m moderately wool-sensitive and have had a range of experiences with wool blend wraps. I’ve had luxurious cashmere which made me scratch all day, and good old sheep’s wool which felt like fluffy clouds. Blue Sapphire did pretty well; after around 30 minutes of wearing I could feel a small itch, but it was slight enough not to bother me. It was not even a tiny bit scratchy, in fact it was tremendously soft. I didn’t have the slightest qualm about putting it right next to my newborn’s skin.

DSC_1490                    DSC_1540

I experienced a little woolie bounce and movement when using Blue Sapphire, but somewhat less than I expected. I think this may be because the weave itself is quite solid. I felt it had the potential to sit quite firm and flat on the shoulders, but thanks to the merino it actually had a nice bit of cush. The Geo weave in Blue Sapphire also didn’t have much texture. This made it a very smooth wrap which was an absolute breeze to tighten. Making the second DH pass was easy and straightforward, with the wrap gliding over itself with very little resistance. However, this smoothness also transitioned at times into slipperiness. I found I needed to tie off very firmly to avoid wrap jobs slipping and sagging a little (until I worked this out, I did a fair bit of retightening). The slipperiness also translated into Blue Sapphire being slightly pull prone. Although I didn’t baby the wrap, I wasn’t rough with it, either – and by the end of its visit it had acquired a few little pulls I needed to fix.

DSC_1655    DSC_1665

The merino gives Blue Sapphire a lovely, cosy feel. I felt it coped well with moderate heat; during our recent warm summer weather I’ve used it towards the end of the day and found it pleasant and breathable. However, I wouldn’t choose it in really hot weather or in the heat of the day – I tried this once and did get quite warm. It’s worth noting that this may be down to personal preference, rather than the wrap – I know some people enjoy wool in the heat because it wicks away moisture and can be temperature regulating.


I really enjoyed Blue Sapphire’s visit. It’s a wrap which is easy to work with, was a delight with my newborn and was still comfy with my toddler (who declared it ‘soft’). I do wonder whether it would be possible to introduce more texture, just to give it a little bit of extra grip. However, overall this is a great wrap. I really enjoyed experiencing what Woven Wings can do with this sort of GSM and would love to see more wraps of this weight from them. Thin doesn’t have to mean unsupportive – Blue Sapphire is a wonderful example of how a thinner wrap can both snuggle a newborn and cope with the heft of toddler. Here’s to Team Thin!


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