Woven Wrap

Didymos Domino



Brand / weave:
Didymos / Domino

100% cotton

489cm long (excluding fringes), 66.5cm wide, 230gsm

Key words:
Thin, mouldable, classy



When I first heard about the Didymos exclusive design for The Wrap Show, I wasn’t quite convinced. I just couldn’t picture it. A different weave at the tails and a fringe? It sounded complicated and, to be honest, fussy.

And then I saw the preview photos of it.

It was not fussy. It was elegant, it was classy. It was stunning.




To be honest, I’m not sure any photos quite do justice to Domino’s looks. I love the interplay of the two different weaves; depending on which carry you use, the diamonds fall over the zig-zags at different points. In carries with long tails (like the one in these photos), you can also admire the seamless transition between the weaves.



The colours – a true, dark black and clean white – give Domino a sharp, crisp aesthetic. The fringe length feels carefully considered – just long enough to add a luxurious flourish, without running the risk of regular tangles. The overall effect of the colour, weave and fringe is wonderfully classy. This could easily be a ‘little black dress’ event wrap.




In loom state, Domino felt a little crispy, but not intimidating. After one wash and steam iron it had softened considerably. It’s currently really nicely soft, even though I don’t think it’s fully broken in yet.




Although it’s on the thinner side, Domino is still decently supportive – in fact, much more supportive than I’d expected from the in-hand feel. I’d recommend it in multi-layer carries with toddlers, and single layer is fine with babies. It’s wonderfully mouldable already, with lovely drape – and I expect these qualities to become even more noticeable as the wrap breaks in further.



Domino’s weave tends towards airy rather than dense, although it’s not what I’d call a loose weave. It would cope reasonably well in warm weather. It has moderate stretch – nothing like a lisca, of course, but enough to provide the wrap with a little give and movement when wearing. It’s not notably bouncy and tends to sit firm and somewhat flat on the shoulders; I wouldn’t describe Domino as a cushy wrap.




Domino is a low-texture wrap, and has significantly more glide than grip. I personally love these qualities (high texture makes me shudder!), particularly the ease with which passes move over each other. However, if you love grip then Domino may not be quite to your taste.



In a year when Didymos is releasing so many exciting new weaves, Domino still manages to stand out. Eye catching yet classy looks and solidly good wrapping qualities – sit up and take notice, people. Domino’s not a wrap you’re going to forget.


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