Woven Wrap

Lovaloom Petalon Elin



Brand / weave:
Lovaloom / Petalon

61% Pima cotton, 33% bourette silk, 6% seacell

491cm long, 66cm wide, 341gsm

Key words:
Thick, supportive, grippy



Trying a new wrap brand is always exciting. I’ve been watching Lovaloom’s releases for a while now, and enjoying their aesthetic – so I jumped at the opportunity to experience one of their wraps in person.



The Petalon weave is a stylized flower petal pattern with plenty of movement in it. To me, it’s also slightly reminiscent of baroque patterns. The scale is nicely considered: small enough that the pattern is beautifully on show, but large enough not to overwhelm with detail. It’s a really elegant design, and easy to wear with almost any outfit. I enjoy the detailing of “Lovaloom” being written along the hemmed rails – the font is elegant and it’s a lovely touch. Elin does have the giant care tags which so many wraps are required to have now, but you can easily roll it up and stitch it discreetly out of the way if it bothers you.



The colour of Elin is truly gorgeous. The natty colour is just the right creamy shade to offset the wonderfully fresh and vibrant purple. There are beautiful little blue-purple and magenta slubby nubs in the purple, creating a stunning speckled effect. The nubs add a lot of texture, but even without them Elin is a textured wrap. You can trace the petal patterns with your fingers, feeling the bumps and indentations. Overall, it really is a beautiful wrap – I’ve had a number of people comment on its striking looks whilst I was wearing it.



Elin doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its wrapping qualities, matching its beauty with solid support and softness. The blend of Pima cotton (softer than standard cotton thanks to its extra long staples), silk and seacell is deliciously strokeable. It’s one of the best wraps I’ve tried in terms of support – it’s got no issues hauling heavy loads (I’ve carried my 3 year old on my front with wonderful ease in Elin). The wrap’s support is complemented by some great cush, particularly noticeable on the shoulders in back carries.



The trade-off for this level of support is a thick wrap with a tight weave, making it fairly dense. This isn’t inherently a bad thing (although I tend to prefer thinner wraps myself), but does mean it’s not terribly breathable. I imagine this might be a warm wrap to wear in hot weather, leaving you reaching for an alternative in the summer months.



Elin is a moderately grippy wrap. Making a second pass in a Double Hammock takes a little work (as does tying a knot), but once completed, carries stay put. I generally dislike grippy wraps but wasn’t too put off by Elin, and if grip is a quality you like I think you’ll really enjoy this wrap. Elin is fairly solid but has a little stretch when wrapping, which translates to a little bit of movement once you tie off. This extra give-and-take is definitely a nice touch to balance out the solidity, and contributes to Elin’s nice cush. Despite its grip and solidity, Elin is a fairly easy wrap to work with – and it makes lovely shoulder pleats!



Overall, Petalon Elin is a great wrap. Due to its thickness, solidity and grip, I think it works best for older babies, and really shines with toddlers. If you like Elin’s wrapping qualities then you could use it with a younger baby, although I’d recommend waiting a few months to ensure the bulk of the wrap doesn’t overwhelm tiny legs. Combining comfort and practicality with striking, head-turning looks, Elin is a thoroughly enjoyable wrap.


Have you tried any Lovaloom wraps? How to they compare to Elin’s wrapping qualities? I’d love to hear from you!


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