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The question on everyone’s mind lately is what’s safe to do during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Thrift shopping will be like any other in-store shopping experience as far as safety is concerned. Many stores, organizations and drop-off sites are in the process of reopening and will have social distancing policies in place. If you want to make sure, we recommend checking the store’s website or social media page for information, before visiting to see what precautions they’re taking.

Some thrift stores don’t mind holding a paid piece until you return with a truck, but others refuse all responsibility for sold merchandise. Read on to learn about some of the benefits of thrift shopping that you may not have considered. Hopefully at least a few of those benefits will encourage you to forego your trip to a big department store and check out a secondhand shop instead.

If you see something you love with a sold sign, talk to an employee and/or manager. It’s possible the item has been sitting like that for days and no one remembered to remove the sign. Do buy seasonal items when they’re out of season. The prices tend to be lower on goods that aren’t moving at the moment. You may not need those Christmas decorations in July, but it’s worth stashing them in the closet until winter if you can get them for a song.

They sell all manner of gently used clothing for men, women, and kids, as well as used outdoor gear at slashed prices. They are likely one of the biggest online thrift stores with over 2 million items across 35,000 brands “from Gap to Gucci”. Refashioner is a complete fashion refresher.They’re one of the only online thrift stores out there dedicated to keeping vintage alive and well. Vestiaire Collectiveis an online thrifting shop for vintage and high end clothing and accessories. They were founded in France in 2009 with the ambition to bring luxury secondhand clothing back into circulation instead of sitting unused in wardrobes. Brooklyn based vintage online store,Maeven Vintagesells vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories.

It’s a pretty neat way to save money, cut your fashion footprint, and have a constantly fresh look. Aside from buying second hand clothing, look into other options to reduce your clothing consumption, such as clothes swaps and community sharing programs. This refers to inexpensively produced (meaning someone’s getting screwed somewhere in the production line) clothing,designed to wear out fast and need replacing regularly. Fast Fashion producers typically produce a new “season” every week as a way of enticing their customers to buy more, so as to keep up with the latest trends in real time. Upon receipt, they professionally photograph the items on mannequins so you can actually see how it fits when shopping.

Plus, the staff works around the clock to get those donations out on the shelves as quickly as possible. With that being said, there’s really not a specific day that’s best to go to a thrift store. However, if you want to be a strategic thrift store shopper, the trick is to go often. Because thrift stores are constantly selling and restocking, you could shop on a Monday and a Friday of the same week and find a completely different inventory. Thrift stores are continuing to set new and sustainable trends in the fashion industry.

Shopping thrift stores shouldn’t be scary, but even the savviest of thrift shoppers could unknowingly purchase unsafe and potentially dangerous items at thrift stores. Thrifting is agreat way to get everything you need. For the more intimate things you probably don’t want to get second hand – see our article onethical underwearand sustainable lingerie if you need a new pair of comfy undies. Otherwise, for general shopping needs opt for one of the many ethical online stores.

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