Woven Wrap

Sensimo Slings Maxima



Brand / weave:
Sensimo Slings / heart weave

70% combed cotton, 30% repreve

562cm long, 70cm wide, 280gsm

Key words:
Supportive, cool, vibrant


I’ve always noticed that wrapping older children draws attention. The number of people who openly stare or turn their heads as they pass by (motorists included, argh!) still surprises me.

Howver, when I was testing Sensimo Maxima I knew it wasn’t just the older children passers-by were noticing. To say this wrap is vibrant is an understatement! The gorgeously saturated jewel tones pop and almost glow in the sunshine. The black weft picks out the heart weave with a nicely high contrast against all the colours in the grad.

The range of colours in the grad means that, although all colours are generally visible in wrap jobs, either the blue/green combination or dark blue/pink combination is more prominent. I really enjoyed this, choosing which set of colours would be dominant depending on my outfit (or even just my mood).

The grad is also brilliant for helping you learning new carries, making tightening particular areas really easy. There’s very little difference between the faces of the wrap, however, so you’ll still need to watch out for twisted passes.


Bright color sling


Maxima doesn’t just make an impact with its colours – it packs a punch with its support too. Although I preferred it in multi-layer carries, it was decently supportive in single layer carries on both my front and back. It handled my young toddler’s weight with ease, and even made me respectably comfortable with my preschooler.

This heart weave is isn’t the densest I’ve ever felt, but it’s certainly not what I’d call airy – so it was with some trepidation that I wrapped my toddler in a Double Hammock on a sunny day. Preparing to head out into 27 degree heat, I was mentally calculating how I might be able to use up the length from a base +1 if I switched to a ruck. I was pleasantly surprised to find Maxima was actually moderately cool! Of course, carrying a toddler on your back in this kind of weather means you’ll always be a little sticky. However, the DH was far from the sauna-like experience I’d been expecting.  The Repreve (a polyester fibre made from recycled materials) in this blend did a great job of helping us keep cool.

Maxima has a lot of glide – which surprised me, because in-hand there’s also quite a bit of texture. The texture from the heart weave is definitely needed to balance out the glide, which at times tipped over into slipperiness for me. Firm knots and carefully pinning passes helped to combat this; once tied off Maxima did stay put. Perhaps because of this slipperiness, I found I needed to be precise in my wrap jobs – in a sloppier wrap job the extra fabric could move through the passes to redistribute weight in a way that wasn’t always comfy.


Baby in a warm sling

I enjoyed how sturdy Maxima felt. It’s not pull prone and I didn’t feel any need to handle it carefully. The blend is easy to care for and the colours are good at not showing dirt – this could make a great beater!

Maxima felt reasonably solid to me, with just enough movement to add a little give and comfort to carries. It’s moderately mouldable, and pleasantly soft. It’s probably just bulky enough that I’d veer away from using it with a tiny baby, but only just. I think the wrap’s support is maximised in multi-layer carries so I’d recommend choosing a size which allows you to do this.

Maxima’s greatest strengths as far a WQs go are its support and the comfort it offers in warm weather. However, I think its biggest appeal is in its colours. They’re truly vibrant, great in the sunshine and – above all – fun!

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