This Is Us


If you’re peeping in on this page…well, hello there. It’s awfully kind of you to drop by.

Let me tell you a little about me.

I live in England (although I’m proudly Welsh) and I’m a full time Mam to two little whirlwinds. I love wraps, but pre-children (a time which is hard to remember, but definitely exists) my biggest hobby was photography. As my wrapping journey has evolved, I’ve found that babywearing and photography actually mix pretty well, and this blog is the result of my two favourite pastimes. The best offer for gamblers book of ra symulator. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

Lots of the photos you’ll see on Adventure Woven In are, in essence, fancy selfies! I use a tripod and remote to take these. However, I’m also branching out into using models, and I’m hoping this will improve the variety and quality of photos I’m able to offer you all.


Baby in mother's arms


Some of the wraps featured on this blog are ones I own. Some are visiting me on ‘holiday’ from kind and generous friends. And some are testers from a variety of different brands. I’m lucky enough to enjoy a particularly close relationship with Didymos, regularly reviewing and photographing some of their gorgeous carriers. However there are many (many!) babywearing brands out there, and I love to explore as many as possible.


Family palms


At the root of this blog, of course, is babywearing. Plain and simple. Away from the camera, from the carefully curated images and meticulously adjusted wrap jobs, babywearing is woven into every day in our family. Why?

It’s comfort and security.
It’s convenience.
It’s an spare pair of hands to make lunch; a gentle sway into sleep.
It’s striding out along clifftops, then evening snuggles at home.
It’s blending practicality and woven art; it’s community and friends.
It’s how I parent.
I love it.


Welcome to Adventure Woven In – wrapping our way through life’s everyday adventures.