Woven Wrap

Woven Bliss Romeo Wings



Brand / weave:
Woven Bliss / Wings

100% combed cotton

506cm long, 69.5cm wide, 316gsm

Key words:
Supportive, solid, blankety, thick

When I first pulled Woven Bliss Romeo Wings from its postage bag, I thought it was going to be one of ‘those’ testers. You know, the kind of tester which, although great, is not your personally preferred wrapping qualities. The kind of tester you can objectively appreciate, but don’t feel too sad to bid farewell to.

Well, it turns out I was 50% right. True to its initial in-hand feel, Romeo Wings is thick (that’s a nope from me), blankety (still nope) and solid (nope nope nope, I love some bounce). Nothing like my ideal WQs.

But. Here’s the surprise. Once I wrapped with it, I really, really enjoyed it.

This wrap is great in front carries (FCC, FWCC, check). It handles hip carries with aplomb (reinforced Robin’s, check). Where it truly shines, however, is in a Double Hammock. This is a superb DH wrap.

So, down to the nitty gritty. Romeo is definitely a thick wrap, whether you look at the 316 gsm or substantial in-hand feel. Its dense, tight weave but pleasant softness give it a blankety feel. It’s pretty easy to work with, although mouldability is not one of its key characteristics.  I found it to wrap just a touch short, but not enough to justify sizing up.


Family at picnic


I enjoyed Romeo’s glide/grip ratio. Second passes were relatively easy to make (a little more work than some wraps, but by no means a workout), but once tied off wrap jobs stayed put. My toddler is increasingly wriggly, and this wrap weathered his bouts of leaning and leg straightening wonderfully, keeping everything where it ought to be.

Romeo is pretty solid, with only a touch of stretch and bounce. Nevertheless, it has a great shoulder feel – not precisely cushy, but firmly comfortable. At no point was this wrap diggy (even in a slightly sloppy wrap job).

Romeo’s support is superb; it will haul your toddler with the minimum of strain for you. My toddler is still young, but was nigh on weightless in this wrap – I’m confident that it would remain gloriously comfortable with older toddlers, too. I preferred mutilayer to single layer carries, but also happily rucked with Romeo.

Its tight weave means Romeo isn’t prone to pulls. In fact, despite one face of the wrap being largely natty, I’d rate this as a good workhorse beater. Romeo feels like you could drive a truck over it, then whip it up into as perfect a DH as before the vehicular offense.


The baby in diapers


Romeo’s thickness does mean it has pretty large bunched passes. From 4-6 months old (depending on the size of your baby), this shouldn’t be an issue, but the wrap might overwhelm smaller babies. If you do want to use it with a very young baby, I’d recommend adding something like a lexi twist to take the bulk away from tiny legs.

Lastly, of course, there’s the design. A truly vivid blue is well matched with a slightly grey-toned white. The resulting cool-tone wrap feels fresh and vibrant. Romeo added a welcome pop of colour to even my most mundane outfits, sometimes even lifting my mood. The wings design has a touch of whimsy to it and varies in size and orientation, which creates nice visual variety. If you choose to wear Romeo white side out, the bright blue wings really stand out!

So, should you try Romeo Wings? Absolutely. Any thick, blankety, solid wrap which can win over this thin, airy, bounce-seeking wrapper has got to be something just a little bit special.

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